Looking for a little “Organization for Your Peace of Mind?”

By Janelle Rozek Hooper

Janelle Hooper
Janelle Rozek Hooper

Wondering where you are going to store those Easter eggs until next year?  Afraid the same things going to happen where they get lost in the closet clutter and you just go and buy some more?

Thresholds Organization Co. can help

After fifteen years of parish ministry you can ask any of my administrative assistants what I would do when I needed to clear my mind…I would organize.  Whether it be after a council meeting or trying to work out a sermon, my go-to was organizing.  Now I continue to serve as Program Director for Ministry with Children for the ELCA and…a professional organizer!  So I mean it when I say that I provide “Organization for Your Peace of Mind,”  because that’s what it did for me.

plantsAs spring heads into summer, let me know how I can help you find some peace with an organized work room, Sunday School closet, or office. Think of it as good stewardship of time and money, because it is, so you can do the much needed pastoral care and not waste money on rebuying supplies. Learn more and contact me either on Facebook or through www.thresholdsorganizationco.com