Lisa’s Pieces:  Creation Care Tips from the Synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team

Lutherans Restoring Creation

The mission of Lutherans Restoring Creation is to promote incorporation of care for creation into the full life and mission of the church, working in five areas:  worship, education, discipleship, building & grounds, and public ministry/advocacy.  For some timely tips in these areas, see below:

Worship World Environment Day is June 5. Here are some ideas to observe the day in worship. This collection of creation-focused prayers from an Anglican resource may be useful.  Consider this creation-focused liturgy, also from an Anglican source.  Seasonal creation-focused prayers for Easter – Pentecost in year C can be used in worship each week. Creation-focused commentaries on the lectionary from a Lutheran source are available.

Education Here is a confirmation module, Thinking about Science & God, from the Lutheran Alliance on Faith, Science & Technology. Learn about the Texas Coastal Exchange, a new carbon offset program for the TX Gulf Coast, on May 5, online or in person in Houston. Houston Central Solar CoOp for Houses of Worship & Their Members in Houston, and online, on June 2 can inform members. The online Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation on May 19, Achieving Zero Waste in Houston & What You Can Do  and on June 30 The Health of Houston’s Waters & What You Can Do both educate on creation care.

Discipleship:  Make use of the “Bulletin blurb” eco-tips (+ verses & quotes) on the synod leaders Facebook page each week. Or, use these 52 creation care tips from Creation Justice Ministries in your weekly bulletin. A creation-focused prayer & devotion are also posted on Facebook each week & can be shared with members. GreenChristian, from the U.K., has a great leaflet on the 7 Rs that you can share with members.

Building & Grounds Want to get started on greening your congregation, but don’t know where to begin?  Check out the Congregational Covenant & Organizing Kit. Or, use this handy short checklist to give your church an eco-check-up. Learn about going solar at Houston Central Solar CoOp for Houses of Worship & Their Members in Houston, and online, on June 2.  Consider how your house of worship can protect the kids in your congregation from environmental risks. If you have a school in your building, check out the EPA’s website for schools.

Public Ministry/Advocacy:  The weekly Opportunities to Care for, Learn About, and Enjoy God’s Good Creation features volunteer events in the greater Houston area (see upcoming opportunities link). Plant a pollinator garden on your property for National Pollinator Week. Do a beach clean-up for World Oceans Day.  Or, consider some other outdoor activity for National Get Outdoors Day. Support a ban on polystyrene foam.

For more information on any of the above, or for creation care assistance/information, contact the synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team by writing to Lisa at The team is seeking additional members.  If you would be willing to serve, please contact us.