The Texas Coastal Exchange – How Houses of Worship & Their Members Can Engage

Sunday, May 5, 2 p.m.
Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church & online

Jim Blackburn
Jim Blackburn, Texas Coastal Exchange board member

The Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston invites you to learn about the Texas Coastal Exchange (TCX), a new carbon offset program for our region of Texas. As Jim Blackburn, Rice professor and member of the board of directors for TCX will explain, the TCX is designed both as a land conservation tool and a means to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.  Find out how you/your house of worship can support local land conservation as a buyer of carbon offsets! Or, learn how you/your house of worship can sell carbon storage on your land! Join us at Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at 2353 Rice Blvd., or online, via a simultaneous web meeting. Metro bus stops for lines 27 & 41 are nearby the church and bike parking is available.

Please register for the event. Contact Lisa Brenskelle at for more information.