Mission Spotlight

By Chris Markert

church groupWelcome to this new monthly mission highlight, where we will introduce you each month to some of the most exciting missions, missional experimentations, and missional leaders around our synod!

This month, we invite you to meet our Synod Mission Table, and hear a little about their work.

Current members of the Mission Table include: Sandra Barnes, Adriana Johnson-Rivas, Chris Markert, Stephanie Stark, Jason Thomas, and Jennifer Tinker.

The Purpose of the Synod Mission Table is to cultivate an environment for mission to grow through:

  • creative experimentation;
  • intentional diversity; and
  • faithful accompaniment.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Mission Table is to review and recommend new mission starts and synodically-authorized worshipping communities for our Synod. Other important responsibilities include: 1) authorizing grant support for new and renewing ministries; 2) providing ministry reviews for missions and redevelopments; and 3) ensuring ongoing leadership training for missional leaders within our Synod. Recently, the oversight of campus ministries has also been entrusted to the Mission Table.

Click here to learn more about our current missions and redevelopments.
Click here  to learn more about becoming a Mission Partner that supports our new missions and redevelopments (congregations and individuals can be Mission Partners!).
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Contact Chris Markert, the Bishop’s Associate for Mission, for more information in how to become involved in supporting new and expanding mission in our Synod.