Mission Companionships Make a Difference!

By The Rev. Chris MarkertAssistant to the Bishop – Mission Catalyst and ELCA Director for Evangelical Mission

Recently Gethsemane in Chalmette, one of our synod’s redevelopment congregations, decided to become a mission companion (also known as a mission partner). So, they approached another of our redevelopments, Bethlehem in New Orleans, who accepted their invitation!

Gethsemane God's work our handsThe weekend of September 10, 2017 members of Gethsemane joined Bethlehem for worship and God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday. They also surprised the congregation with a $1,000 donation as a sign of their companionship in ministry.

Being a mission companion is simple. It requires the following minimum commitments:

1)    Pray at least once a month for your mission companion during worship

2)    Plan an opportunity for your two congregations to worship, fellowship and/or serve in the community together at least once annually.

3)    Give a financial gift to your mission companion. This can be as simple as a special one-time offering during worship or adding the mission companion to your budget, The amount does not matter; it’s the relationship that matters.

To learn more or to sign up as a mission companion click here or contact the synod mission catalyst Chris Markert at chrism@gulfcoastsynod.org.

LINK FOR THE CLICK HERE   [[gulfcoastsynod.org/congregations/new-missions/companion/]]