Faith Leaders of Tomorrow: Meet Colt Wilson

Liz Johnson, Gift Planner

Colt.pngColt is a mild-mannered, quiet gentleman and a friend to all. It would be easy to pick him out of a high school crowd. Rather than socializing with youth his own age, one would most likely find him with his family, especially his Grandmother Martha and Grandfather Mark. Numerous people from the church state that Colt is dear to them, and they pray he achieves his goals in life because he has made time for others along the way. Some of these people cannot wait to sit alongside him during fellowship time.

Outside of school, he is a Dallas Cowboy fan. He loves to fish, hunt, and, on occasion, travel. In his high school at Caldwell, Texas, he is the squad leader for the percussion cymbal line. He enjoys playing and dancing with his cymbals. Colt enjoys his Pre-Advance Placement Physics class along with English. School is good, but his passion is serving the church.

He began to realize this passion about six years ago when he spoke at his Papa Dennis’ funeral. Speaking from the heart, Colt shared about how much his grandfather’s love meant to him. His Papa had always been an inspiration to his life; in fact, his Papa and Grandma Sherrie raised him along with his mother, Jamie. Colt learned to rely on others—but especially, he relied on the Lord. At age 9 he was baptized with his family by his side and had his first communion at 11. Then he was confirmed at 13. He attended Camp Lutherhill twice and really enjoys group campouts. He re-dedicated his life at 17 to the Lord he loves so much, and hopes that he can continue to spread the word while he is in the military. Colt graduates from high school in the spring of 2017. After school he plans to enter college with a long-term goal for a degree in theology.

Currently he serves as an assistant minister at the Elizabeth Lutheran in Caldwell, Texas, under his mentor Pastor Brunk. “If it wasn’t for the Lord and my family, I don’t know where I would be,” Colt states. Colt is assured and confident when he says, “With the Lord My God at my side, I would not fear to talk to anyone in need, even if we shall disagree with religious views.”