Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest Supports the Synod

By Dr. Lizbeth Johnson, Gift Planner

Lutheran Foundation fo the Southwest check pictureEach day is different for Bishop Mike, and December 17 was no exception to the rule. On behalf of the synod, he graciously accepted an endowment distribution check from legacy donors presented by the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest. Pastor Lawrence Bade, a Board of Trustee member, and Dr. Lizbeth Johnson, were delighted to be a part of the presentation.

The year-end check totaled $23,668.12 from endowment funds donors who had chosen this in their end-of-life stewardship plans. Some of these plans call for quarterly distributions, bringing the total 2015 to $32,608, which includes some outright and current gifts in additions to funds endowed for long-term growth. Since 1994, the Gulf Coast Synod has received an astounding $806,968 through LFSW.

For individuals, the benefits of utilizing the services of the foundation are numerous as well. The gift planner assigned to the Gulf Coast is available to Lutherans at no charge to help facilitate a gift with an effective plan that accomplishes many goals. Donors are able to provide gifts to multiple charitable entities with one arrangement effort. Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest also stewards gifts and can act on behalf of donors.

Bishop Mike says, “We are so thankful to the open hearts willing to consider end-of-life stewardship as a wonderful way to leave a legacy to his or her faith, family, and church. Thank you to the families of these great givers who pay it forward to preserve our faith heritage through ministry to the generations that follow their own.”

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