Leadership Portrait

By Liz Johnson, Gift Planner

Leadership PortraitHoly Comforter Lutheran Church in Kingwood is blessed with a committed group of leaders who take their responsibility for church stewardship seriously. This is not the only thing that makes them outstanding; they are outstanding in the way in which the council has chosen to practice their representation.

The church council makes their spiritual growth a priority. Every month the group has two meetings, one of which is a dinner and Bible Study in a council member’s home. It is a night to relax together, as they probe scripture in light of their journey together on behalf of the church. They have learned to appreciate each other’s strength and build their vulnerabilities. The second meeting, the business meeting, is a more formal approach to their work as visionary leaders for the congregation. Sheryl Stucky, Council President said, “Our Council is always moving forward, and we want to do it together.  We pray together, fellowship together, study together, and lead together. The best part about our role on the council is that we have fun and all enjoy our roles.”

The council members know each other very well and understand what each member brings to the table when contemplating decisions for the church. Holy Comforter’s senior pastor, Barb Bartling, considers herself fortunate to work with this fine group of leaders.  She indicates, “This is a congregation of vibrant leaders, who long to change the world around them. We pray daily to see what God is doing and to have the courage to join in.  The people of God at Holy Comforter are a people with a heart for service and justice not only in Kingwood, but beyond in the great city and the world.”

The new associate pastor, Amy Oehlschlaeger, has been well received since beginning her ministry at Holy Comforter. Pastor Amy was called to specifically lead the congregation to work in the community and to reach those not yet there. “We take seriously the Great Commission,” says Pastor Amy.

Pastor Barb, Pastor Amy, and the church council invite you to visit Holy Comforter in Kingwood. Worship is at 8:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sundays.

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