Camp Hope 2016 Theme is Out!

By AiM Neil Christians, Director of Camp Hope

camp hope 5We all want to be a hero. We love hearing stories of the one who comes in and saves the day. But did you know that God is calling you into action right now? That’s right. God has a special mission for you and this summer at Camp Hope, we will discover what it really means to BE A HERO!

Weekly Themes:

  • Find Your Power:Did you know God has given you a superpower? Join us this week as we learn about Joseph and how God has given each of us superpowers to Be A Hero!
  • Hear the Call. A hero is called into action in many different ways. Listen to how God has called different heroes into action, including how God calls you to Be A Hero!
  • Join the Team. You’re not alone. God calls us to be part of a team; part of a family. This week we’ll learn what it means to be part of God’s team to Be A Hero!

This year’s theme not only helps individuals learn about the heroes in the bible, but also the life of a hero from different places across the world. Each day of camp will connect the bible story with the life of a hero. Well-known heroes like Mother Teresa and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

But also some heroes like Malala Yousafzai, who speaks up for the rights to educate young women and is the youngest individual to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and Mattie Stepanek, who has written poetry that has inspired millions to be peacemakers in the world.

These stories will inspire everyone to join with God and other Christians in living the life of a hero.

Find out more on how you can start Camp Hope at your church.

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