Update on Joyce Weidner

By Rev. Kathy Haueisen

Any of you who were part of our synod before former Bishop Paul Blom retired no doubt had contact once in a while with Joyce Weidner. Joyce served as an administrative assistant for Bishop Blom for his entire term as our Bishop and for Bishop Marty Yonts before him. As you probably know, she and Bishop Blom retired together.

Her retirement years have not been easy ones. She began showing signs of possible dementia before she retired. She is now pretty much homebound. She is being cared for at home by her long time and very devoted husband, Greg Gedovin. Because they are members of Covenant Lutheran Church where I have my membership, and because Joyce so often helped me in my years at Lutherhill, I have stayed in touch with them both, visiting every couple of weeks and talking to Greg between visits. Greg was a master carpenter of considerable skill until he sold his shop and retired a few years ago to provide full time care for Joyce. In recent weeks their situation has become more challenging, as Greg deals with his own mobility and health issues.

I am contacting all of you to request prayers for them. I am sure they would also greatly appreciate a few cards from those who knew her in happier and healthier days. She can no longer handle email and even phone calls are difficult. Neither she nor her husband deal with Facebook or other social media. However, she cherishes cards from people she has known – and can recall a fair number of people she once interacted with in her role in the synod office. As sometimes happens with dementia, she has better recall of things from previous years than of things in the present. Let us not forget this faithful servant to our synod in her isolating situation now. It would also mean a great deal to Greg in his heroic efforts to meet her various needs. Thank you.

Their address is 8503 Pearl Lake Drive, Houston, TX 77095.

If you would like additional information about their situation feel free to contact me via the information below.


Pastor Kathy Haueisen


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