Zion Retreat Center: Making Waves on Galveston Island

Zion Retreat Center logo

Water surrounds our lives as people of faith and as beings on this earth. The waters of baptism call and claim us as precious children of God, and rain waters feed the earth that nourish our bodies. The power of water is evident in its ability to grow, to nourish, but also to destroy.

In 2008, the water and wind of Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston Island, inundating many homes and buildings with floodwaters. Zion Lutheran Church, a Swedish Lutheran congregation established on Galveston Island in 1896, received just below three feet of water to its facility from Hurricane Ike. Although the waves subsided and the water receded, Zion Lutheran Church’s ministry would never look the same.

Though devastated by water, Zion Lutheran Church received the opportunity to offer a new wave of ministry that had never existed on the island before. Through the Zion Renewal Appeal, Zion Lutheran Church is being renewed and constructed into a retreat and conference center for Lutherans and others – the only Christian retreat facility on the popular island destination.

The Zion Renewal Appeal

Lutherhill Ministries is proud to announce the renovation and opening of the Zion Retreat Center. To date, the Zion Renewal Appeal totals $980,000 of the $1,000,000 goal!!

  • $825,000 of the secured gifts and pledges funds all renovations, furnishings, and the cost of the first year of operations for the Zion Retreat Center! The permitting process has begun on Galveston Island and construction is anticipated to begin in July.
  • $155,000 secured out of $175,000 to complete the challenge goal to reduce Lutherhill’s capital debt.

The Zion Retreat Center possesses the ability to provide a place of Sabbath time for those seeking the peace of the ocean, a place of entertainment and community for those growing in fellowship with one another, a place for families to play and grow together, and a place for all people to experience the love of Christ in unique settings and new ways.

The ministry of the Zion Retreat Center is a moving and growing renewal, pillared on the promise from God to make all things new. As each summer wave crashes on the shore, Lutherhill Ministries comes closer to opening the doors of the Zion Retreat Center to welcome all people to Galveston Island.

To make a splash or learn more about contributing to the final $20,000 of the Zion Renewal Appeal, please visit our website or call our office at 888.266.4613.

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