Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic (EEL-RCA) Holds Churchwide Assembly

During its Churchwide Assembly held the week after our Synod Assembly, the Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic, EEL-RCA, elected its new leaders:

  • President (Bishop), Rev. Dr. Samuel Ndanga-Toué, who has been the head of their seminary
  • Vice-President, Rev. Rachel Doumbaye, making CAR the third African nation having a woman holding the 2nd highest office of the church
  • Michel Doko, ongoing treasurer

CAR 1Former Bishop André Golike, who visited our synod in 2010 and 2014, will teach at the seminary. He had served the two-term limit as church president [bishop]. Rev. Dr. Antoinette Yindjara Beanzoui will become head of the seminary. Pastor Antoinette, who was the first ordained woman in the EEL-RCA, visited our synod in 2004.

In this post-conflict period, the country is rebuilding, child soldiers are being released, and rebel groups have agreed to disarm. There is still much to be resolved. National elections are planned for late summer.

Humanitarian projects through Lutheran Disaster Response, working with the EEL-RCA, are under way. Our synod’s goals for supporting the ministries are the following:

CAR Fund Goals

We thank those congregations who signed goal cards at Synod Assembly. With those offerings and funds already sent, we will still need $52,000 to meet this year’s commitment. Please support our CAR companion synod with your prayers and offerings.

Our synod’s CAR Team would be happy to arrange for a team member to speak at your congregation or send you the slides and script used at Synod Assembly. To take advantage of one of these options or if you have additional questions, please contact Carolyn Jacobs or Lucky Sahualla.

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