Learning and Sharing the Good News

By Elise Riggs and Geoffrey Roach, Program Directors at Lutherhill Ministries

Elise Riggs and Geoffrey Roach,  Program Directors at Lutherhill Ministries
Elise Riggs and Geoffrey Roach,
Program Directors at Lutherhill Ministries

As Program Directors at Lutherhill Ministries, we have the opportunity to fuel the creativity and implementation of Lutherhill Retreats, develop unique outdoor ministry experiences for youth, adults and families, and plan for summer camp, including the hiring of seventy passionate young adults as summer staff!

Yet another title you may not know we hold is that of Reading Buddy. During the school year we serve as a Reading Buddy to a first grader at a school in La Grange. One day before we started a lesson with a second grader, we chatted to learn a little bit about each other. Upon learning that we worked at Lutherhill, the second grader responded, “That place is awesome! There is a swimming pool and a pond you can play in, and there are lots of fun things you get to do. My friends love it there.”

We smiled upon hearing his enthusiasm and asked him when he had been to camp. His is response made our smile grow even wider. He said, “I’ve never been to Lutherhill, I’ve only heard about it from my friends and my siblings.” This second grader had heard the wonderful things about Lutherhill from his friends and family and had claimed the knowledge as his own without even experiencing it! We want all people who experience Lutherhill or even just hear about it, to receive the good news and claim it as their own, to love and share, just as the second grader did.

This summer, our campers will be challenged to share the good news and grow as disciples by following God’s call in Micah 6:8. Our theme for this summer is “Act, Love, Walk”, and campers will learn about stories in the bible that show us how to act justly, love mercifully, and walk humbly with God.

One way that campers will act, love, and walk is by participating in the 2015 Daily Bread Project. This year, Lutherhill focuses on serving its local community by providing 1,000 backpacks and schools kits to first graders in Houston ISD through a partnership with Communities in Schools in Houston and the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod.

Lutherhill is a wonderful place to build community and teach that the support and love felt at Lutherhill is something that reaches far outside the dirt roads of camp. Lutherhill is truly a place for all people of every generation, and we encourage you to experience Christ through unique settings and new ways.  Experience God’s creation and revitalize your spirit through our Big Bend Adult Retreat, grow in Christ as a family at Family Camp, and seek the peace, adventure, and hospitality of Lutherhill whenever your heart desires!

We as beloved children of God have so much good news to learn and share!  See you at Lutherhill soon!

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