Creation Care Tips from the Synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team

By Lisa Brenskelle

Lutherans Restoring Creation

The mission of Lutherans Restoring Creation is to promote incorporation of care for creation into the full life and mission of the church, working in five areas: worship, education, discipleship, building & grounds, and public ministry/advocacy.  For some timely tips in these areas, see below:

  • Worship: Now that summer is upon us, you may like to consider this summer devotional liturgy. Creation-focused commentaries on the lectionary can help with sermon preparation. Some general tips on preaching care for creation can be found here. For Sundays after Pentecost in year B, creation-focused prayers have been created. For tips on how to bring creation into the sanctuary, see this site.
  • Education: Some resources for and thoughts about creation education are found here. Creation Justice Ministries, part of the National Council of Churches, also offers educational resources. For a listing of educational resources for youth and children, see Earthministry.
  • Discipleship: Make use of the “Bulletin blurb” eco-tips (and Bible verses and creation-care quotes) published on Facebook by the synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team each week. Newsletter articles are also available upon request. For a fun Fathers’ Day activity with an eco-bent, consider a necktie collection. Collected ties can be donated to Prairie Moon Quilts which makes quilts from the ties that are then donated to non-profit organizations to use for fundraisers – a terrific example of re-use.
  • Building & Grounds: The federal government has a program to aid houses of worship in reducing their energy consumption, which may be beneficial for your congregation. To read about it, and about the good work done by various “energy star” congregations, see this link. Tips on how to green your church office are available. Articles on activities of some ELCA congregations to care for creation may prove inspirational.
  • Public Ministry/Advocacy: A listing of Opportunities to Care for, Learn About, and Enjoy God’s Good Creation is found at the upcoming opportunities link, updated each week by the synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team. This resource covers a two-week time period. For activities available beyond that two-week period, check out the calendar at Citizen’s Environmental Coalition.

Join the ELCA in advocating on this creation care justice issue:  Petition congress to support the Green Climate Fund.

Please contact Lisa Brenskelle of the synod’s Lutherans Restoring Creation Team for creation care assistance or more information.

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