Four Growth Indicators as Vital Leadership Behaviors

By Peggy Hahn, Director of LEAD

Leadership Behaviors

Our research shows that this is true. This is not some kind of sales pitch or a “10 steps to a happy life” kind of thing. I’m talking about the actionable behaviors we see over and over again in our research that are common among leaders and congregations that are growing. A behavior is something you can do. It is not a goal or an outcome – it is an action. The four behaviors I am talking about are Listening, Centering, Exploring, and Connecting.What if I told you that out of all the things you are doing as a leader, there are actually 4 behaviors that make the most difference in your life as a leader? Would you believe me?

Check out the 10 Minute Toolbox video entitled Christian Leadership, A Way of Life: The Four Growth Indicators, for a quick introduction to these behaviors and to learn what makes them so important. Ask yourself, which are your strengths and where are your growing edges. Encourage your congregation to take LEAD’s Congregational Assessment to determine strengths and places of growth for your faith community. Then make a plan to build on your strengths!

ten minute toolboxOver the next four months, the 10 Minute Toolbox video series will unpack each of these growth indicators as vital behaviors for leaders and congregations. If you haven’t already signed up for this free resource, do it today! If you want more information on each of these behaviors and how they are effectively used in congregations of all sizes, pick up a copy of The Sacred Valley by Peggy Hahn

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