Mark your calendars!  LEAD has amazing opportunities for you.

February 28Influence

influenceFor students, adults, pastors, and church leaders

Let’s set aside a day during Lent to ponder the mark of the cross on our lives and what influence it bears on the world. It will include videos from The Work of the People and ways to interact with visual media. How can we lead and serve in ways that challenge the dominant thinking about leadership?

March 13-14Camp Hope Train-the-Trainer

Camp HopeFor adults and key student leaders

Prepare yourself to lead your Camp Hope staff! Use this training to get organized and ready for the summer.

March 21Buen Camino [Good Journey]

Buen Camino 2For youth, adults, pastors, and all congregational leaders

Join this cross-generational immersion learning experience. You will be guided and introduced to street-level reality in the Houston area while providing context through dialogue.

June 18-28Peru Pilgrimage

Peru Trip 2Join this cross-generational and cross-cultural spiritual experience that helps stretch your worldview and God-view. You have a choice of excursions that include intentional relationship building with the Peruvian Lutheran Church, visits to ancient Incan ruins, and more.

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