The Leadership Program for Musicians

leadership musiciansThe Leadership Program for Musicians is a teaching ministry that gives church musicians an increased sense of vocational awareness, along with the tools and resources to enable congregations to sing well and participate actively in worship.

Would you like to grow your skills as a church musician or other worship leader? Equipping leaders for quality worship is a major goal for both the Bishop’s Worship Excellence Team, and the Leadership Program for Musicians.

The Leadership Program for Musicians (LPM) is a national organization that administers a curriculum, covering key areas in church music and liturgical education, as well as spiritual formation. LPM is a national cooperative project of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church USA. It is taught by highly qualified teachers and tailored to local needs.  Successful completion of all courses earns you the LPM Certificate in Church Music. The program is taught locally and covers a full range of church music skills; particular attention is paid to smaller church needs.

LPM is a comprehensive, accessible two-year certification program. It consists of seven courses, which may be taken in whole or part:

  • Principles of Choral Leadership – Conducting for Church Musicians and Voice Training for Choirs
  • Resources for an Effective Music Program
  • Liturgy and Music: Foundations for Christian Worship
  • Survey for Christian Hymnody
  • Teaching New Music to the Congregation
  • Leadership of Congregational Song (piano/organ/keyboard, voice/cantor, or guitar/other instruments)
  • Philosophy of Church Music

Classes meet approximately once a month on Saturdays from September through May.

The Texas-Louisiana LPM is the longest continuously running program in the country.

It is open to musicians, clergy, pastors, choir members, cantors, worship leaders, interested lay persons, and anyone of any age from any denomination!  When the time is right for study, students have come from as far away as El Paso and Mississippi.

Clergy and past students have repeatedly reported that their musicians have improved with every session of LPM – each and every month!  The benefits to the congregation and to the leadership of worship are enormous.  It is strongly recommended that the home church and the musician (or other student) split the tuition cost 50/50.  Scholarships are available to persons in need, awarded on a case-by-case basis as funds allow.

The TX-LA LPM moves to a different location every two years, seeking to meet people where they are.  The 2014-2015 sessions will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frelsburg. The first session was a free open house with optional classes on Saturday, September 20. For more information, please contact Marsha Seale, LPM Coordinator, 713.5692.6972.

You probably know Richard Birk, leader/facilitator/trombonist/instrumentalist for many synod events. Richard is an LPM graduate.  More than once, I have heard Richard proclaim LPM to be “a life-changing program.”  Richard was an extraordinary musician and teacher before LPM, yet LPM changed his life as a worship planner and leader.

Feel free to drop in on the LPM sessions at any time.  Dates are in the online brochure.

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