Church Welcome Checklist

By Pastor Jared Stillions

As you may notice, this issue is all about worship.  But did you know there is a “before worship” as well?  You might not think about it all.  Many of us do the same thing each Sunday:  we just leave the house at the same time, park in the same spot, go in the same door, and sit in the same seat.  However, for our guests, especially our first time guests, there’s nothing the same.  Here are five quick tips to make sure your congregation is ready before worship.

first time guest

  1. Are the correct worship times posted?

On the signs?

Near the doors?

On the answering machine/voicemail?

parking lot helperIn the newsletter?

And most of all, PROMINENTLY AND EASILY FOUND ON THE WEBPAGE?  (Folks, the 11th commandment might be “Thou shalt post the correct worship times.”)

  1. Is the parking lot mowed, edged, and swept with the trash picked up?
  2. Is the main entrance so clearly marked three blind church mice could find it?
  3. Is there coffee?

greeter at churchDid you announce it to your guests?

Did you tell them where it is?

Could those three blind church mice find it, even with stuffy noses?

  1. Are all the lights and AC on?

These are all simple steps that you can take this week to serve God and neighbor. Sunday worship isn’t the same old thing each week; it’s a fresh, new start to the week powered by God’s grace.

P.S. Here’s a bonus tip that takes a little more work to accomplish:

  • Do your regulars know to introduce themselves to strangers and ask how they can help?

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