Emergency Ebola Relief Container for Sierra Leone

Bishop Kevin Kanouse, Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod

Sierra Leone articleThe Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Mission Area (Synod) is partnering with the IDEA Foundation to send a forty foot container of medical supplies to Sierra Leone, the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak, within the next two weeks.

IDEA is contracting with Medisend to ship a container of medical supplies including gloves, gowns, shoe covers, masks, syringes, tubing, and any additional medical equipment that is currently available for $ 40,000 per container.  They are preparing to send more than one container if funds are available.  The IDEA Foundation is also looking into ways of sending medicines, as well.  By way of this announcement we are asking for an emergency gathering of offerings in our churches and communities to help send this and additional containers.  100 % of gifts given will be dedicated toward this container.

As of July 30, the confirmed number of cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia stands at 1,093, including 660 deaths; but there is the strong likelihood of additional unreported cases and deaths.  President Ernest Bai Koroma declared a state of public emergency on Wednesday evening July 30, imposing quarantines, curfews, and a national response plan to fight the disease.  He has restricted travel out of Sierra Leone for ministers of state and other government officials and has directed police and military to support relief workers and to search homes to find others who are ill from the disease.

“The disease is beyond the scope of any one country, or community to defeat.  Its social, economic, psychological and security implications require scaling up measures at international, national, interagency, and community levels,” said President Koroma.  He declared Monday, August 4, as a National Stay at Home Day for Family Reflection, Education, and Prayers on the Ebola outbreak.

Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan, who was fighting the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, has died from complications of the disease just this past week.  There are very few doctors in the country of Sierra Leone.  Another American doctor from Fort Worth has fallen ill with the disease in Liberia.

Bishop Thomas J. Barnett of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone will take the lead in receiving the Medisend Container and will do the disbursements in collaboration with the Interfaith Council and other creditable governmental organizations.

“The need for personal protective equipment and sanitizers is essential to protect people from the disease,” he said.

Bishop Kevin S. Kanouse of the NT-NL Mission Area is asking all congregations for a special collection of offerings for this need over the next several weeks.  Donations by check may be sent to the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Mission Area:

P. O. Box 560587
Dallas, TX 75356

Credit card and PayPal donations may be made directly online.

If you have further questions, the Mission Office at 214.637.6865 or Bishop Kanouse.



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