Playing Minecraft at Church?

MineCraft_Banner_CroppedBy Bunny Stoutes

At Tree of Life Lutheran in Conroe, we noticed that many of the kids were using their spare time in an odd 3D (ish) world playing Minecraft. They play during church, they play during meetings, and for all we know they may play in their sleep! We felt it was time to get some organization to their madness and for them to work as a truly collaborative group. With the help of Brent Kovar and Madie Lake, Churchcraft was born!

Setup was simple, and not expensive, even for smaller churches. We purchased a month to month server through ExodusHosting, purchased a domain name (though it wasn’t necessary), ordered a banner (another extra), and made a quick how to guide. All in all the whole set up took less than one week.

churchPricing is pretty simple, about a dollar a user a month, payable month to month. If you pay 3 months at a time, you get a 5% discount if you use Exodus. I would highly encourage you to start with a larger number of players, then take a look at your maximum number of users logged on at one time, then adjust your plan as needed. Over 80% of our kids and youth ages K-12 play, so we purchased a plan according to those numbers, knowing not all kids will be playing at the same time. The hosting company can easily walk you through setup and they are quick to respond to questions.

It’s truly inspiring to watch our high school youth work in collaboration with our itty bitty first grade kids building the church brick-by-brick (or rather, cube by cube) in an alternate world. The easiest way to explain Minecraft would be to compare it to Lego’s, but building it on an iPad or computer instead…plus, it doesn’t hurt when you step on Minecraft like it does when you step on a Lego.

treecraftNow, our kids walk through our doors, login to Minecraft, put in our domain name in their app, and work on creating awesome scenery! Right now, they are working on reproducing Tree of Life, including the grounds, buildings, playgrounds, and more.  You really should see our sanctuary!

If setting up a Minecraft server is something you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact Bunny Stoutes.

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