Advent Resources: Hope + Peace + Joy+ Promise

Advent artwork

*Artwork is original by Vonda Drees, LEAD’s Spiritual Artist

A lot is changing our world, leading some traditions to no longer have meaning and other traditions that are worth trading up. We think Advent is one we should keep!  Even if you don’t have evening Advent worship, families can practice their faith at home using the daily Facebook posts, rituals such as lighting Advent wreaths, and praying together during this special season.

This holiday season is a perfect time to remember our brothers and sisters in Peru and the Central African Republic, both struggling for peace in different ways.  Join the Peace Crane movement by making these beautiful paper cranes.  Then share them with your friends as you give a donation in their honor as an alternative gift.  Post pictures of your cranes on advent origamiFacebook so we can see them!  Let’s LEAD the way, pointing to Jesus this holiday season!

Bulletin Inserts: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

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