Why I feel called to LEAD…Just in case you are wondering!

LEAD Logo with taglineI have always known that leadership is influence – but have wrestled for years with what is Christian leadership?  What makes leadership uniquely Christian?  This was the burning question when we formed The Disciple Project, now planning our 11th season for June 23-27, 2014.  I think it is the number one question of our life as people who are called to influence others, by the grace of God, with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Over the years I have read every book I could get my hands on about leadership, Christian or otherwise.  (I probably have any book you want to borrow – just ask!)  I have learned a lot and definitely have my favorites,  but to be honest, most of the Christian books have left me more frustrated than fulfilled.  I think our Lutheran theology makes it hard for me to embrace most of the perspectives on leadership I have come across.

Then I started listening to Lutheran pastors and realized, wow, I’m not the only one with this question. 

LEAD is a conversation, not a destination.  It is about a life of pilgrimage, following Jesus, really trying to live a little more like Jesus every day, realizing we will fall short but by the grace of God, can try again tomorrow.

I want to grow as a Christian leader.  I am praying that you will join me.  If you look at the data, our church is on a downward spiral, but if you listen to people in the congregations or get to know people young and old around you who are starving for a grace-filled theology, you will see that God is ahead of us, as usual and this is fun!  I don’t have any secret leadership knowledge, but I do have a burning heart for the quest. I am filled with hope for the future and with confidence for how the church will be renewed by the next generation of leaders. 

Please join me by participating in LEAD events.  Top-down, lone-ranger, isolated leaders are a thing of the past. If you don’t believe me, check out the Gulf Coast Leaders Facebook group!  Tell us who you want to learn from, what speakers you would find edifying and what you are reading. If leadership is intentional influence, let’s get intentional about growing as Christian leaders and catch up a little with what God is already doing. This is our watch and I am serving you through LEAD because I am convinced that I am not the only one who cares about growing.  We need each other in this. 

Don’t miss these Fall Leadership events!

Christian leadership is a gift of The Holy Spirit—it is God working through our efforts, often in spite of our skill, intention or plan, to impact the lives of others.  All people have the capacity to be a Christian leader.  Increase your circle of influence as a follower of Jesus by attending as many of these Learn-LEAD Events as you can. 

You are encouraged to invite your friends from work, extended family or neighbors – regardless of their faith community – to all LEAD events.  Inviting friends to learn side by side is one way for them to experience our grace-filled Lutheran theology.  Groups will get a discount at all LEAD events.

Mark your calendars now for the following opportunities to learn together:

Learn-LEAD Event



Who should you invite?

Faith Formation in a Missional Age    with Dr. Terri Elton

Sept. 28


Houston, TX

Rostered Leaders, Church Council, Educators, Parents, Grandparents

Faith Formation in a Missional Age           with Dr. Terri Elton

 Sept. 29

 Christ the King, Kenner, LA

 Rostered Leaders, Church Council, Educators, Parents, Grandparents

Shape of Family Shape Faith    with Dr. Elizabeth Marquardt & The Rev. Amy Zeitlow

Oct. 12 

Faith, Bellaire, TX

Rostered Leaders, Church Council, Educators, Parents, Grandparents 

Shape of Family Shape Faith with Dr. Elizabeth Marquardt & The Rev. Amy Zeitlow

 Oct. 13

St Paul, Baton Rouge, LA

Rostered Leaders, Church Council, Educators, Parents, Grandparents 

Soul Sisters: Leadership Retreat for women with Rev. Dana Nelson, Missionary & more

 Nov. 8-9

Conroe, TX

Females, high school – age 100  Nursing mothers with babies welcome

When Moses Meets Aaron – on staffing   with Dr. Susan Beaumont                                      

 March 10-12

 Lord of Life, TX

Paid, stipend &volunteer staff teams

Camp Hope Train the Trainer              with the Camp Hope Training Team                             

March  14-15

To Be Announced

Congregational Teams interested in Camp Hope or planning to lead their own staff training next summer

Influenced by the Cross of Christ        with the Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber

March 11

Messiah, Cypress, TX

High school students, young adults and all lay adults & rostered leaders

Learn with a team from your own congregation and others by attending Learn-LEAD Events.  LEAD is a new organization formed by our synod, growing out of our strategic plan to focus on growing Christian leaders.  For more information contact Peggy Hahn or Beth Hartfiel.

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