Height’s Community Children’s Choir receives Mission Endowment Fund Grant

By Edna Thompsen

Zion children's choir #5The Heights Community Children’s Choir (HCCC) was recently awarded a $2,000 New Project grant from the Mission Endowment Fund (MEF). HCCC is an outreach ministry of Zion Lutheran Church in Houston and was founded in 2012.  The Executive Director, John Markert, wanted to create a similar experience that he had singing in a community choir growing up in Victoria, Texas which had a profound and lasting impact on his life.

Zion children's choir #2The HCCC program provides tuition-free weekly training for elementary school students and it is open to any interested singers. The mission of the choir is to provide leadership training for children and youth through vocal and musical instruction alongside enrichment activities, exposure to faith traditions, and performance opportunities in worship services and wider community settings. Its core values include: high standards in a musical experience, emphasis on character development, exposure to faith formation and development of healthy community relationships.

Free transportation is provided by HCCC to Zion from several Heights-Area elementary schools. Funding is through grants and donations. Click here for more information.

This New Projects grant awarded by the synod’s Mission Endowment Fund is one of four key objectives.  If you would like to know more about MEF objectives or help support ministries like this through a gift to the MEF, please contact Melissa in the synod office, 281.873.5665.

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