Faithful Sustainable Partnership in Peru is Empowering Families through Sembrando

Sembrando Blowing SeedsWe see ads on TV and in other places about children around the world who need support and it tugs at our hearts.  But sometime the needs feel overwhelming…how can we help everyone?

Our long-term commitment with our companion synods is one of the most effective ways to use resources, thanks to our ongoing relationship with local leaders who are doing these ministries every day.  We are not a “hit-and-run” or “throw-a little-money-at-them” operation.  We are in it for the long haul, even when times are rough.

Sembrando is a synod ministry in Peru resourcing local congregations that are prepared and committed to meet the needs of their neighbors.  Each Sembrando congregation in Peru is held to high standards for the care of children, support for education, faith formation and parent development as well as fiscal accountability.  These congregations use case workers to identify the poorest of the poor, serving children and families in their own neighborhoods that are experiencing huge need.  The children come to the church every day during the school year for a meal, homework help and faith formation.  There are expectations for parents and systems to support the adults who work with these children.  We are partners in this ministry and it is making a difference.

Sharron & Stephanie’s mother, Rosa, says, “My husband cannot always find work. There are times when I cannot feed my children.  The Sembrando Project provides one meal each day for my children.  Thank you for your partnership so my children can have a glass of milk today.”

Our synod has a goal of $25,000 for Sembrando this year.  We have already sent $16,000 to Peru because their school year begins in March.  The cost per family for a child to participate in Sembrando is about $400.  Our hope is that households in our synod will want to give $400 to help a companion in Peru take advantage of this important way of being global partners.  Through this long-term commitment we can support the next generation of educated leaders in the church in Peru and in our world.  This is our ministry and it is already making a difference!

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