Companion Synods M&M Campaign

You can help people in your congregation connect to our Global Companions in PERU and THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC through the M & M CAMPAIGN!  Print ready resources are available.

M & M stands for Mission & Ministry (and you thought this was just a candy!)  It is simple!  AND you get to eat the candy!

1. Ask at least two people in your congregation to be the M&M Team

2. Purchase tubes of M&Ms for every member.  (The best price we found is at SAM’s Club for less than $1 per tube.)

3. Tell each member to enjoy the chocolate & then fill the tube up with quarters.  Each tube holds $14! 

4. Collect the tubes in time to cash in the quarters and bring your check to the Synod Assembly in May.

Imagine if even 1,000 people did this!  We would have $14,000 to split between our two companion synods. 

This is a great Campaign for Sunday School Children, Youth Groups and even us adults!

Use the resources on the synod website to teach your congregation about each of our companions.  Guest speakers who have traveled to these places are available to give a Temple Talk or to lead a Sunday School Class.

This Campaign was started in Eastern North Dakota where they raise over $40,000 a year with M&Ms!  Hmmm, is that a challenge?


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