$16,700 in Seminary Scholarships Enabled By Mission Endowment Fund

Fall 2012 seminary scholarships were awarded by the synod’s Candidacy Committee to four Master of Divinity Candidates, Adrienne Merritt a middler taking on-line classes, and three juniors:  Eyeul Bedane at Lutheran School of Theology – Chicago, Ashley Dellagiacoma and Jennifer Kindsvatter both at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN.

These four scholarships totaling $16,700 were made possible by the Park Place Fund of the Mission Endowment Fund.  They are intended to help students graduate with minimum seminary debt.

The Park Place Fund is the result of a gift of over $1,000,000 given to the Mission Endowment Fund by Park Place Lutheran Church on its closing.  This fund is to be used primarily for seminary scholarships.

If you would like to help support seminary scholarships, you may do so by contributing to the synod’s Mission Endowment Fund.  Please contact Melissa in the synod office, 281-873-5665, for more information.

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