Fall Leadership Gatherings – Learn, Connect, Grow

If you’ve ever wished for an opportunity for your council President to  network with other Presidents; for a time to bring your various key leaders together for resourcing and training in their particular area of ministry; for a time to just check in with others…this is it!  The annual Fall Leadership Gatherings are coming this month, and they are wonderful chances to help your lay leaders grow in their leadership skills while also networking and connecting with others in our synod.  The theme Worship Building:  Planning for vibrant and faithful congregational worship is a natural extension of the 2012 Synod Assembly focus on worship, and will help congregations develop processes for planning their worship services well in advance, with seasonal emphases in mind.

This year’s Leadership Gathering is structured a bit differently than past years.  A selection of learning “tracks” will allow participants to engage more deeply with their chosen topic.  Each learning track offers three hours of training and conversation for more in-depth coverage and discussion on building vibrant worship.  Learning tracks topics include Word (including two sub-topics, From Luke to Liturgy:  Proclaiming the Word beyond preaching, and Thematic Worship Planning:  Planning creative worship by season & series), Music, Art & Environment, Social Media, and Evangelist Training.  A keynote from Bishop Rinehart as well as worship will round out the time together.  See the Leadership Gathering page for all the details on the learning tracks, schedule, and links to register.

A few logistics:  child care will be available for children through fifth grade at a cost of $20 per child.  Pricing for the event itself is based on average weekly worship attendance for congregational groups.  Food, including snacks and lunch, is $10 per person in addition to the congregational registration fee.  Fees can be paid online with a credit card, or a check can be mailed to the synod office.  Registration fees are:

  • $95 for congregations whose average attendance is 99 people or less
  • $125 for congregations whose average attendance is 100-150 people
  • $200 for congregations whose average attendance is 151 or more

Register now, and bring all your key leaders from your congregation!  Every year, a few people show up without others from their congregation and wish they had brought more people.  Don’t be the one saying that this year – round up your people and come on out for the day!

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