Take the Plunge! Geneva and Taize in Spring 2013

By Pastor Lanny Westphal, ELCA Global Mission Unit

Next spring, a group of young adults will take part in a new initiative to deepen their spirituality and global awareness through a visit to the ecumenical centers in Geneva, Switzerland, and Taize, France.

It’s called the Plunge, and it will happen on May 29-June 9, 2013. For four days, young adults from Canada and the United States will visit the Lutheran World Federation and World Council of Churches in Geneva to learn how we are connected across the globe through the church.  Then they will travel to the Taize community in southern France for a retreat week. There they will experience firsthand the unique style of worship and music that arises from that community as it welcomes youth from across the globe.

The Plunge experience is sponsored by two synods from both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC):

  • Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod (ELCIC)
  • Northeastern Iowa Synod (ELCA)

Does this interest you?  Would you like young adults from your synod or ministry to participate in this exciting initiative in 2013?  Would you like your synod or ministry to consider sponsoring a group in 2014 or later? 

Or to get to the point:  would you like to take the Plunge as well?

There are two ways you can take part in this new venture.  First, encourage young adults age 18-29 to apply for the 2013 group.  Please encourage them to contact Pastor Mark Anderson at andersonm@neiasynod.org for more information and an application form. 

Second, consider encouraging your synod or ministry to sponsor a Plunge group in 2014 or later. This should be more than just a one-time experience for a few young adults. Instead we hope to create a sustainable network that offers this opportunity annually. Interested synods or ministries would need to send an “observer learner” with the 2013 group to learn how to lead a future group. Please contact Pastor Mark Anderson at andersonm@neiasynod.org or Pastor Lanny Westphal at lanny.westphal@elca.org with your questions.

Thank you for considering this invitation to deepen our understanding and participation in the global communion, and join us in celebrating this new step in our pilgrimage together in Christ!

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