Tech Spot – Print, Stamp, Send!

By Melissa Minieri

Does your congregation pay a leasing fee for a postage machine?  How much does it cost per year?  If your answer is more than $300 per year keep reading….

A potential solution to getting rid of the leasing fee for a postage machine is an online service called  This is a program that is installed on your computer and allows you to buy postage (via the internet) in different amounts and also to print on labels or directly on the envelope.

The cost for the service starts at $15 per month and includes a scale so you can weigh your letters/light packages to get the right postage amount.  The scale plugs into a USB port which almost every computer has. You have the option of buying “Net Stamps” which are labels that you can print on to be used as actual stamps.  Otherwise, if you print on labels or envelopes it is similar to running through your postage machine.  If you have more than one person in your office that does the postage you can upgrade your service for multi-users ($25/month – up to 3 users but you can “share” usernames).

After using it about a year overall we have been happy with it.  The only negative aspect we have found is that occasionally we have a misprinted envelope or label and to refund the postage you have to mail evidence that it wasn’t used.  For some of the misprints there is an instant refund but it just depends on the type of mess-up it is.

For more information visit

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