Advent Marketplace – December 10th

Claim the holiday season for your family’s faith formation this year by attending our first-ever Advent Market. As part of the “Citizens With The Saints,” tour David Scherer and Rachel Kurtz will join us for this fun-filled day of claiming Advent. Youth will participate in our synod’s launch of the Malaria Campaign. Children will enjoy an Advent Camp day (Camp Hope Style!) and the adults who stay for the day will have two choices:
1. Adults preparing for the Youth Gathering in New Orleans next Summer will receive training
2. Adults training is also available for those that want to strengthen their capacity to lead faith practices in their own homes.
Plan to shop at the Advent Market to use your gift-giving dollars to impact people living in poverty in our world.

An informational flyer with registration info available at the above website. The cost is only $10 per person and includes lunch thanks to a grant from the ELCA to prepare adults for the Gathering next summer. Please come!

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