Synod’s New Gift Planner on Board

By Bishop Rinehart

Judith Richey

I’d like to introduce to you Judith Richey, our synod’s Gift Planner. Many of you met Judith at our Fall Leadership Gatherings. Judith is a gift of our synod’s Mission Endowment Fund to your congregation. She and the members of the MEF board are available to consult with you, and help you set up an endowment fund in your congregation. We hope this proves useful for you.

To fully resource ministry in your community, consider financial stewardship as a three-legged stool. One leg is regular giving. People give from their income. A second leg is major gifts. These often come from cumulative assets. A third leg is estate gifts. These can come as a portion of the life insurance policy. Our churches do a pretty good job with the first leg, but we rarely recognize the second and third legs, and their importance. Many people get excited about giving a legacy gift to ministries that gave them joy. Interested in learning more? Give Judith a call.

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