Music that Makes Community XVI – Houston

October 6-8, 2011

Houston, TX

Music that Makes Community is a three day conference dedicated to exploring a style of singing that transforms worship and more deeply forms Christian community.

Music That Makes Community Houston is designed specifically for clergy, musicians, and lay people who want to learn how to lead music effectively without the use of hymnals or other printed materials. This important musical tradition can both enhance existing music programs and aid the development of new ones within participants’ churches.

“Paperless” music can be sung by any group of any size, and in any setting. Making use of such elements as repetition, round, and call-and-response, this communal music makes singers of people with a wide variety of musical skill in any size of congregation.  Paperless music teaches congregations to sing together confidently in harmony and lets ‘non-singers’ discover the pleasure of learning music together.  For an evening alternative service, it can be led by musicians or a practiced lay singer.  In churches with fewer resources and even no trained musicians, the new tradition of paperless music can restore a congregation’s singing voice and music’s community-building gift.

We are starting a movement in the Church, rekindling an ancient practice of singing… a way of music making that has been central to folk traditions for centuries.  Taught and sung from memory, it is simple and beautiful, faithful and traditional. Sung without the use of a book, these songs allow congregations to focus on listening to one another, being attentive to the Holy Spirit, and singing from their hearts. Our time together will be both practical and theoretical. Participants will learn the skills involved in selecting and leading “paperless” music, and will have ample opportunity to practice these skills. We will also spend time discussing the role of this type of music in the church and its potential to effect congregational transformation.  See this music being taught in YouTube clips from previous conferences.

The conference will draw together facilitators and leaders from around the country to explore paperless music in an environment of mutual learning.  Lunch (included in the registration fee) will be provided for each full day.

Rick Fabian
Emily Scott
Donald Schell

Accommodations are not included in the registration fee and must be made separately.

$275 Before 8/25/11
$350 After 8/25/11
Special Group Rates Available
Groups of 3 or 4: $275
Groups of 5 or more: $250
To register a group please email

Register HERE


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