Fall Leadership Gatherings Held Around the Synod in August

Gather your congregational leaders for our synod’s third annual series of Fall Leadership Gatherings across the synod! Empower your lay leaders and professional staff with opportunities for networking, developing real skills for ministry and devotional experiences that ALL kinds of families can use together at home.

Some highlights for this year’s gatherings:

  • Meet Pastor Pedro Suárez, our synod’s new Director of Evangelical Mission.  He will have some keynote time as well as presenting a workshop. Give him a warm TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod welcome!
  • Choose from up to 16 different workshops to develop real skills for ministry.  There truly is something for everyone – students, parents, lay volunteers, financial types, council presidents and vice presidents.  (Not all workshops are available in all locations, so be sure to check the workshop location list for choices that are available at the gathering you will be attending.)
  • Experience casual worship moments which will model some devotional rituals that families can do together at home.
  • Hear keynotes from Bishop Mike, Pastor  Pedro Suárez and Peggy Hahn, all connected to this year’s emphasis on intergenerational ministry
  • Take the opportunity to meet others from congregations near and far to you, and to network, share ministry ideas and experiences and be a part of our synod’s life together.
  • Let your younger children have their own day of fun – child care is provided for infants and toddlers (3 years and younger), and a great day of day-camp style fun is in store for preschool and elementary children (4 years – 5th grade).

For all the details, including costs and locations, download or print the event brochure.  Then click on the links below to register!

Houston Gathering, August 6

Brenham Gathering, August 13

New Orleans Gathering, August 27

For questions regarding the Fall Leadership Gatherings, please call 281-873-5665 or email mandy@gulfcoastsynod.org.  See you there!

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